italian porketta made in melbourne

Original Porketta from Ariccia, Italy

offering italian genuine food since 1951

Based in Melbourne, we make the most traditional and genuine
Italian Porketta available in town

we supply food services and consumers

Whether you are a restaurant that wants to include our delicacy in its menu or a consumer that wants to order it for a private function, we cover it all!!

unique in melbourne

I'm a trendy
Porketta Maker

a tradition from ariccia (rome) since 1951

Porchetta is one of the most traditional agriculture-food products of Italy.
We produce it here in Melbourne according to the original recipe.

Porchetta [porˈketta] is a savoury and moist boneless pork roast of Italian culinary tradition. Porchetta is usually heavily salted in addition to being stuffed with garlic, rosemary or other herbs, often wild.

Porchetta has been selected by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policy as a prodotto agroalimentare tradizionale (“traditional agricultural-food product”, one of a list of traditional Italian foods held to have cultural relevance).

Although popular in the whole country, porchetta originated in central Italy, with Ariccia (in the Province of Rome) being the town most closely associated with it.

Elsewhere, it is considered a celebratory dish. Across Italy, porchetta is usually sold by pitchmen with their typically white-painted vans, especially during public displays or holidays, and it can be served in a panino.

It's a common street food in Rome and Lazio served as a filling for pizza bianca. It is also eaten as a meat dish in many households or as part of a picnic.

I can proudly state to be the only one in Melbourne making the original recipe from Ariccia.

Cooking from my kitchen at Michelangelo Osteria, I bring my Italian training and heritage to all aspects of my cooking. I have worked in many restaurants from Italy to Australia starting with the very sophisticated and demanding flair of Il Saraghino.

Check out my Michelanglo Osteria website and discover what else we offer!

336 Pumicestone Road
QLD 4510
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